There is so much to consider when hiring a painting company to do work in your home! Are they properly insured with WorkSafeBC and third party liability insurance? Do they have a track record of doing high-quality paint jobs? Are their painting prices reasonable? There’s a lot going on!

One question that often gets forgotten is “would I like to have these people in my home”? Are they trustworthy and clean? We think these are important questions because after all, you will be trusting the contractor in the most sensitive areas like your bedrooms with all of your possessions in the open.

At A+ Painters we place an enormous emphasis on the presentation of our crew members. In order to be considered for employment, they have to be presentable, friendly and trustworthy. We appreciate that our reputation can be altered with just one bad hire and it is not something that we take lightly. All painters abide by a company dress code, and they show up in a marked company vehicle.

The next time you need to hire some painters, make sure you consider their presentation. In a world full of fly-by-night operations, it could be the most important criteria.