We consider ourselves to be vertical access experts, which can come in handy on any painting job. Often times we have to get creative, while staying safe, in order to get paint on all elements of the job. In this case, we had to use the largest ladder in Kamloops–it has a whopping 40′ of reach. To put it in perspective, we can reach a painting task that is 4 stories off the ground with this massive piece of equipment. When able, we prefer to use a man lift to access areas to be painted that are over 25′. Unfortunately, some projects, the access does not allow for a machine’s presence. On this painting job, the soft grass and fences made it a ladder-only task to get the fascia, siding and window trim painted.

In other cases, we have used scaffolding, roof access or smaller step ladders to get the painting job done. Whatever the paint job requires, you can rest assured that we have the right tools, equipment and training to get the job done safely and efficiently!